State Regulations

State Regulations

Twenty five states have regulations that focus on the responsible disposal of electronic waste. Eighteen of these states have bans and fees on the disposal of eWaste in landfills and incinerators.

State regulations are grouped in four main categories:

  1. Producer Responsibility Programs (PRP): Electronics manufacturers cover most of the costs associated with items that reach the end of their service life, including costs to collect, transport and recycle those items. The products covered and specific provisions vary by state.
  2. Advanced Recovery Fee (ARF): Private consumers pay a flat rate to the state when they purchase electronics to fund the future recycling of those items. The state then reimburses private recyclers and collectors.
  3. Disposal Ban/Disposal Fee: In states where a ban is in place, electronic waste is prohibited from entering landfills or being incinerated. Where a fee is in place, a payment is required to dispose of electronics in a landfill. Several PRP and ARF laws also include landfill disposal bans or disposal fees.
  4. eRecycling Education Program: Ten states currently have requirements to educate the public on available recycling options. Utah’s law requires manufacturers to provide that education; Montana’s law puts the onus on the state government. In both cases, no fees are charged and no products are regulated.
State Regulations Map See link below for accessible version

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