Materials Accepted

Environmental, Health and Safety Commitment

Studies estimate that as much as 75% of electronics collected for recycling within the United States is actually sent outside the country to be processed, often in ways that are seriously harmful to the environment and the health of individuals living in those countries.

At CyclePoint® we are committed to the environment, the community and the health and safety of our workforce. We operate in accordance with the highest environmental health and safety standards in the recycling industry. Our network agencies refurbish or demanufacture electronics in accordance with R2/RIOS environmental, safety and data security standards.

These certifications require audits of all downstream vendors CyclePoint works with, including end-of-life material processors, to make certain they meet stringent environmental protection standards.  We also employ a full time senior compliance manager to ensure that operations surpass all federal, state and local regulations and that CyclePoint is fully permitted to manage all the materials we handle.

Learn more about state eRecycling regulations.