Eco-Friendly Electronics Disposal

Environmental Electronics Disposal

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Imagine enough discarded electronics to circle the earth twelve times, or about 15 pounds of electronics per person worldwide. That’s the volume of material that enters landfills each year.

We constantly upgrade technology to stay current and operate more efficiently, but those same efficiencies produce mountains of obsolete and discarded electronics. That stockpile of used electronics represents a sizeable threat to the environment, to human health, and to businesses stockpiling outdated electronics. Up to 70% of heavy metals in landfills come from discarded electronics. It’s an environmental problem that continues to grow.

States and municipalities are quickly enacting legislation to reduce the amount of electronic waste that enters landfills and to reduce the impact on the environment. CyclePoint® from SourceAmerica® can be your partner in that effort.

Through CyclePoint, your unwanted electronics are processed and separated into raw materials, which we can successfully divert from landfills and incinerators toward the manufacture of new products. At the same time, we create sustainable jobs that enable people with significant disabilities to become known as stewards of the environment.

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