IT Asset Disposition

As a business manager or IT professional, you face significant challenges when optimizing the service lifecycle of electronic assets. Common challenges include:

  • Extending life of existing equipment
  • Extracting remaining value from replaced equipment.

Addressing IT Challenges

At CyclePoint® from SourceAmerica®, we understand and can help address these challenges through our IT Asset Disposition service.

IT Asset Disposition focuses on maximizing value for electronics with residual service life. Trained CyclePoint employees thoroughly test every device to ensure that it meets strict standards for reuse. When equipment is determined to have reuse value, CyclePoint will:

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Commodity Recovery

Equipment that does not meet these criteria is recycled at one of our CyclePoint recycling centers—not passed along to a third-party processor. Instead, it will be recycled through our commodity recovery systems, and we will send you a certificate of recycling.

Logistics Management

CyclePoint’s IT Asset Disposition is designed to protect the environment and your company’s brand. You will never have to explain how your material ended up somewhere it was not supposed to. Our IT Asset Disposition begins with logistics management. One of our representatives will work with you to:

  • Identify equipment that may contain sensitive corporate and personal data
  • Conduct an inventory audit
  • Remove material only after the physical inventory has been authorized in writing by your company representative
  • Transport the material to a CyclePoint facility
  • Record the equipment, model and serial numbers, counts and weights to confirm what CyclePoint received is what was authorized.