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Opportunity E-Cycling is a professional electronics recycler based in Missoula, Montana. We specialize in serving all sizes of clients, from large businesses like hospitals and universities to residential customers. We provide convenient on-site pickup and Certificates of Destruction to ensure your data is safe and secure. Proper disposal of your computers is the only way to guarantee the security of your data and keep our environment clean.

Opportunity E-Cycling is fully licensed by the State of Montana's Department of Environment Quality as recycler of all forms of electronic waste.

At Opportunity E-Cycling we are able to offer many services to aid you with the management of your secure data and end of life IT assets. A few examples of our services include: Certificates of Destruction for all your data storing devices such as hard drives; Secure paper shredding for all types of confidential documents; On site pickup of your devices to ensure a secure chain of custody; and many more to ensure the security of your data and to make the recycling process as convenient and secure as possible.

Drop Off Location:
6900 Kestrel Dr. Suite 14,
Missoula, MT 59808

Mission, Vision, and Values

Supporting persons with disabilities in enhancing their quality of life.


Opportunity Resources, Inc. is a nonprofit organization recognized for our 60 years of dedication to providing individualized services for adults with disabilities. Our goals for clients are progressive and aimed at attaining independence in housing, employment, and as many aspects of their daily lives as possible while providing support services. We started in a single rented classroom helping 7 students and 60 years later we are an organization that provides services for over 700 individuals with disabilities on a daily basis.

Other Services Offered to Individuals with Disabilities

All Opportunity Resources programs are rooted in empowering individuals with disabilities to achieve independence in housing, employment, and as many aspects of daily life as possible. ORI's employment services and programs have been placing clients in jobs for more than 30 years. ORI clients can be found working throughout our local community – in businesses, large and small, and in many local and federal government locations. In addition to job placement, we provide individualized work assessments and training, as well as client mentoring and coaching. We also directly employ more than a hundred of the adults that we serve. Clients staff our successful wood products division and mailing, packaging, assembly, and shredding services. In addition to our successful employment track record, we also offer individualized residential support to adults with disabilities in a variety of settings, enhancing each person's quality of life and personal sense of safety. ORI's Artists of Opportunity are creatively challenged and trained daily in our award-winning Community Art program.The goal of all of our programs is to provide choice and opportunity to those we serve and to support their right to independence in housing, employment, and activities of daily living.


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  • Certificates of Destruction
  • Secure Paper Shredding
  • Computer Disposal

Contact Information

Point of Contact:
Russ McKinnon
(406) 329-1790
Opportunity Resources, Inc.,
2821 S Russell St
Missoula, MT 59801

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