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Artisans has launched a drop off and pick up eRecycling service for the Spokane Community and its outer lying areas. We are dedicated to not only providing employment for individuals within our community but to providing a convenient, affordable and safe resource to dispose of or refurbish old electronics.

Please contact us regarding all of your eRecycling needs…

Drop Off Locations: 200 E. 2nd Street, Suite A, Spokane, WA 99202 | 4019 E. Central Ave, Spokane, WA 99217

Mission, Vision, and Values

Artisans is a non-profit agency providing services necessary for individual job development, employment support and employment opportunities in the community for persons with disabilities.


Artisans has been a proud partner of the Spokane Community since 1987. Artisans provides employment and community access services for persons with intellectual and physical disabilities. Our company's name stems from its roots as Artisans began as an agency whose employment offerings were centered around on-site woodwork. Although the focus of our employment offerings have changed to community based employment, the creativity in our employment development and support efforts harnessed by the direction of the agency and its staff members keeps the name applicable to our mission.

Other Services Offered to Individuals with Disabilities

Each client Artisans serves is a unique individual with specific skills, abilities and talents. Because of this, our agency prides itself in offering services and employment opportunities as diversified as those that make up our organization. Artisans began providing employment services for less than 10 adults with disabilities, and today provides employment support for more than 170 individuals. Artisans strives to provide each of our clients the services necessary to ensure employment goals can be accomplished and provide stable and supportive work environments.


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  • Individual Job Development
  • Community Access Services
  • Employment Support
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Disposal/refurbish old electronics

Contact Information

Point of Contact:
Polly Maxwell
(509) 325-4489
Street Address: 4019 E. Central Ave
Spokane, WA 99217

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