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All Green Recycling, a 501 (c) 3, creates sustainable jobs and fosters a technologically adept workforce in economically-challenged communities, with an emphasis on recycling and refurbishing electronics in an environmentally safe manner. All Green Recycling is designated as a T1and T2 network member in the CyclePoint network.

As a workforce development organization, All Green Recycling assists people with disabilities, veterans and those who are considered difficult to employ to develop marketable skills. Areas of training to prepare staff include: items for e-Recycling, Industry Training, Sorting to Disassembly, Data Destruction and Supervisor Training.

All Green Recycling accepts and Recycles:

  • Computer & peripheral equipment – central processing units (CPUs), lap tops, PDAs, monitors, printers, scanners, storage devices, servers, networking systems.
  • Financial systems – retail/check-out, banking/teller, ATMs.
  • Security systems – monitoring and detection equipment.
  • Entertainment – radio, TV & movie production equipment, transmission systems, sound & video projection equipment, amusements.
  • Office equipment – copiers, fax machines, imaging systems, printing systems.
  • Wire & cables. Circuit boards of all types.
  • Telecommunications equipment – telephones, switching systems, PBXs, transmitters, receivers, microwave systems.
  • Test & measurement equipment – oscilloscopes, power supplies, signal processors, testers.

Drop Off Location: 321 Atando Avenue, Charlotte, NC, 28206

We are also able to offer assistance with organizing and preparing items for e-Recycling. As well as Industry training from Sorting to Disassembly to Data Destruction and Supervisor Training.

Mission, Vision, and Values

The All Green Recycling creates sustainable electronic recycling jobs for adults with disabilities and barriers to employment, including veterans. All Green Recycling will enhance and assist these individuals’ development, skill sets and quality of life.


All Green Recycling Inc. was founded in 2012 in NJ.
All Green Recycling is a nationally certified Woman Owned Business.

Other Services Offered to Individuals with Disabilities

We offer Certification Programs in:

  • Electronic recycling training.
  • Life skills training.
  • Computer skills training.


No events at this time.


  • Provides excellent eRecycling services
  • Collect and recycle electronic equipment
  • Drop Off or Pick Up.

Contact Information

Point of Contact:
Steve Gomez
(704) 375-9676
All Green Recycling Inc
321 Atando Avenue
Charlotte, NC, 28206