Industry Certifications

Industry Certifications

At CyclePoint®, we understand the importance of holding industry certifications, and operating to those standards on a daily basis. We are committed to handling eRecycling professionally, securely and safely.

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CyclePoint is a founding member of the R2 Leader program, which promotes safe, responsible and sustainable repair and recycling of used electronics.The R2 Leader program includes a growing list of enterprises, tech industry leaders, non-profit organizations, and other companies. For a complete list of companies, visit


We think it’s essential for eRecycling to be handled with the highest standards for environmental protection, worker health and safety, and data and facility security. That’s why CyclePoint network members that refurbish or disassemble electronics are required to operate and be able to certify to R2/RIOS operating standards.

LEED Certification Support

Whether you are a building operator or tenant, CyclePoint® can be your trusted partner to make your workplace environmentally-friendly, safer and more productive through LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. Our adherence to R2/RIOS standards means you can meet recycling and reporting requirements necessary for LEED certification.

Establishing a recycling program that follows industry best practices is one of seven focus areas required to achieve LEED certification. Recycling of the following items are included:

  • Electronic devices
  • Batteries
  • Spent printer cartridges
  • Personal electronic devices such as cell phones
  • Fluorescent light bulbs
  • Devices containing mercury

Third party downstream audits of our network and partners ensure that your material is handled to the highest environmental, data security and worker safety standards. You can be confident that your material is tracked throughout the processing cycle in a fully transparent and documented process that meets the highest industry standards.