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About CyclePoint

You probably have old electronics piling up, and we can help you. CyclePoint® from SourceAmerica® is your most environmentally and socially responsible way to recycle those items. We’re the nation’s new eRecycling network, and we create sustainable jobs for people with significant disabilities by securely recycling your old computers and other obsolete electronics.

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Imagine the relief you'll feel knowing that storeroom full of old computers is no longer a data breach waiting to happen. Let’s talk.

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For years, you recycled glass, paper and plastic. Now you can do the same with electronics. Find your local CyclePoint drop off point.

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You do great things in your community. Join us at CyclePoint and add "environmental stewardship" to your reputation.


We offer:


  • Your property, data and privacy are handled and managed securely and professionally.


  • Simple electronics recycling that easily keeps up with your changing needs.


  • Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that by choosing CyclePoint, you enable local nonprofits in your community to employ people with significant disabilities.


CyclePoint is committed to handling electronic waste with the highest degree of professionalism, safety and security. We helped launch the R2 Leader program, which is designed to advance the safe, responsible, sustainable repair and recycling of used electronics. Learn more about CyclePoint industry certifications.


CyclePoint is part of SourceAmerica, a national nonprofit and leading source of job opportunities for a dedicated and highly qualified workforce – people with significant disabilities. Through our work, we make the American Dream more accessible to a segment of the population where nearly 80% do not have jobs. It’s working – more than 125,000 people with significant disabilities are employed through SourceAmerica’s nationwide network of more than 1,000 nonprofit agencies.  Learn more about SourceAmerica.

Mission and Vision

SourceAmerica’s mission is to create employment opportunities for people with significant disabilities, and envisions employment for every person with a significant disability. Through CyclePoint, we aim to generate more than 20,000 new jobs over 10 years for this incredible workforce.